Phosphating Plants

The stages of Phosphating are to be decided in cosultaion with chemical supplier.

Spray Pretreatment

Spray Phosphating Plants
often wherever production voliimes are high and compnent sizes are standerd spray phsphating plant is opted. The components loaded on conveyor pass through spray tunnel. Tuennel has internal piping and spray nozzles, and chemicals / water is circulated in piping by pumps. Each spray zone has tank and pump. The compnents pass through tunnel and after treatment pass through water drying oven. After drying the components get cooled down and enter in automatic or manual spray booth. Spray phopshating can be five stage / seven stage or more depending upon component surface quality.


Dip Type with Transporter
The components are stacked in baskets and are dipped in various baths as per proecess and timing.the conventional hoist sytem has various drawabacks like maintianing bath timings, movement of baskets, baskets scratching the coating of tanks etc. Transporter system is plc based and it calculates the timings and move the baskets in time. As entry and exit is guided no scratching of basket with tank. One can also have more wagons on same rail if process demands it. Transporter system is flexible as it can release the basket in tank and go for other tank to pick up fresh load or transfer from one tank to another tank.

Tailormade Phosphating Plants

Tailormade Phosphating Plants
These are designed as per specific production / process / componenet requirement.

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