Manual / Automatic Conveyorised Powder Coating Plants / Painting Plants

Typical Conveyorised Powder Coating Plant

Conveyorised Powder Coating Plant with 27mtr long oven installed in UAE.

The Conveyorised Plants are recommended production volume is high. A simple Overhead Chain Conveyor passes through Booth and Oven and coating is done with manual Spray Guns. Conveyor speed is worked out based on production rate required and oven can be straight tunnel type or with loops inside it. For large size components as openings are large camel back oven is recommened wherein heat losses are minimised. normally upto 1mt speed this plant is workable.

• Automatic Conveyorised Powder or Painting Plants
This is similar to abobe but coating / painting is done with the automatic Guns / Applicators. Here Conveyor speed is high and it is impossible to coat the entire component manually. The guns are mounted on reciprocators and it is synchonised with conveyor speed. Auto applicators are beneficial due to automation and saving in powder/ paint. Further coating quality is superb as uniform coating is possible. In all cases oven can be elctrical / gas fired or diesel fired depending upon availability of fuel.

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